Australian clothing manufacturer wins army contract

Victorian clothing manufacturer Australian Defence Apparel has won a contract to provide load carriage equipment to the army.

The company, which operates a large clothing factory in Bendigo (pictured), will

provide a range of mission essential carrying equipment.

According to the army, this makes up a soldier’s ‘combat ensemble’ (below) and includes::

# Modular belt webbing/load carriage harness.

# Modular tiered body armour system.

# Load carriage packs issued to each soldier contingent based on their role/specialisation.

# Assault packs.

# Pouches for carrying mission essential equipment.

The contract is an extension of an existing arrangement that has seen ADA deliver enhancements to items such as body armour, combat helmets, and individual load carriage equipment.

Australian Defence Apparel is the privatised company that succeeded government factories that first started making equipment locally in World War 1.

The company, owned by Canada’s Logistik Unicorp, employs 1,200 worldwide.


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