Australian Innovation eXchange to boost commercialisation

An Australian Innovation eXchange (AIX) has been launched to support the translation of Australia’s world leading innovation across all industry sectors.

The AIX, a subsidiary of METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre, is a national programme that facilitates partnerships between researchers and technology companies, helping establish new pathways for commercialisation.

This will include expanding Australian technology vendors to deliver products and services to serve multiple industries across global markets, in partnership with public funding programmes and local and international investors.

CEO of AIX Adrian Beer said: “While Australia has excellent research and intellectual property, there is a gap between the value created in this country and the pathways to market. The role of AIX is to focus on scaling and commercialising this technology here in Australia.

“We will do this by aggregating industry demand for Australian research, mapping the market potential for technology and research outcomes, improving access to funding and facilitating the right partnerships between research, technology companies and end markets.”

Beer said AIX will support Australia’s technology vendors as the ‘go-to channel’ for commercialising stranded innovation, delivering new products and services to market. Expanding access to innovation will attract new investment and generate growth within Australia’s burgeoning technology sector.

Innovation in critical technologies such as robotics and automation, low emissions and clean energy technology, advanced analytics and Ai will enable all sectors to benefit from advances in environmental sustainability, decarbonisation, and productivity.

Translating these critical technologies into products and services within our national economy, and making them accessible by multiple industries, will capitalise on Australia’s potential as a world leader in innovation.

“Australia has all the ingredients to become a global innovation powerhouse, but we can do much more onshore.”

Picture: Adrian Beer

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