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Analysis and Commentary

@AuManufacturing’s social media discussion and networking group, the Australian Manufacturing Forum on Linkedin, has passed an important membership milestone.

The Forum, Australia’s largest social media group of Australian manufacturers, passed 10,041 members late last night with the admission of 56 people.

The Forum has grown steadily since its founding in 2013, and a year ago almost to the day passed the 7,000 member mark – a remarkable membership growth of 44 per cent in only a year.

New members over the weekend range from students and CNC machine operators, to engineering and operations managers, finance executives and business consultants and CEOs and business owners – we are an incredibly diverse group.

Welcome to Robert Jones, general manager operations of Safcol Australia, James Morrow, managing director at Core Welding, Nick van den Berg, founder and CEO, Fologram, Troy Crisp, sales manager NSW at Bisalloy Steels, Dave Gurran, general manager of Atlas Engineering and Timo Bellgardt, design engineering manager at TAE Aerospace.

A particularly warm welcome to the many women who are joining in increasing numbers, to Emily Thomas, national human resources manager at C.C Components, Sue Keay, founder and chair of Robotics Australia Group, Gwenaelle Proust, Professor of Materials Engineering at the University of Sydney and Michelle Halle, chief operations officer at Nuheara,

Please do join in our discussions and check the Australian Manufacturing Forum membership lists and reach out to your colleagues – sending Linkedin messages between group members is free.

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Thanks to all our members for making @AuManufacturing the number one for Australian manufacturing news.

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