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Australian Manufacturing Forum passes 12,000 members

Analysis and Commentary

@AuManufacturing’s social media discussion and networking group, the Australian Manufacturing Forum on Linkedin, has passed an important membership milestone.

The Forum, Australia’s largest professional social media group of Australian manufacturers, passed 12,000 members this morning with the admission of eight new members.

The Forum has grown steadily since its founding in 2013, and 22 months ago stood at 7,000 members strong.

New members over the weekend range from students and apprentices to business owners and managers.

Welcome to University of Melbourne student Saifullah Shazin, apprentice design engineer J Jeremiah Thomas, CEO of Elwa Energysavers Pty Ltd Jan Ernst Antonides, owner of Carbide Tools Limited NZ Paul Zimmerman, PSE Strategic Consultants founder Jamie Knight and Principal at Sequencia Partners Giovanni Graziano among others.

Please do post items on Australian manufacturing issues in the Forum, join in our discussions and check the Australian Manufacturing Forum membership lists and reach out to your colleagues – sending Linkedin messages between group members is free.

Our daily news stories and features and group discussions can now be followed via:

At the same time as the Forum is growing, so too are the numbers following our @AuManufacturing company page – today in total 15,703.

Thanks to all our members for making @AuManufacturing the number one best read news website for Australian manufacturing news.

Image: Australian Manufacturing Forum

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