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Australian Manufacturing Forum passes 7,000 members

Analysis and Commentary

@AuManufacturing’s social media discussion and networking group, the Australian Manufacturing Forum on Linkedin, has passed an important membership milestone.

The Forum, Australia’s largest social media group of Australian manufacturers, passed 7,021 members this morning.

The Forum has grown steadily since its founding in 2013, with the latest 1,000 members joining in the past five months – a rate of 200 new members a month.

With the launch of @AuManufacturing news, the @AuManufacturing Linkedin page plus Twitter and Facebook presence on the internet, the Forum has cemented its place as the heart of Australia’s manufacturing communities.

And this year @AuManufacturing has launched a dedicated defence industry section, recognising the dynamism and importance of this growing sector.

New members in the past day include supply chain specialist John Burn, technical manager at Seeley International, Chris Toomey, general manager at Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals, Pradeep Jobanputra and the managing director of Liquid Intellect, Damian Bourke.

Make sure to check the Australian Manufacturing Forum membership lists and reach out to your colleagues – sending Linkedin messages between group members is free.

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