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Australian Manufacturing Forum passes 9,000 members

Manufacturing News

@AuManufacturing’s social media discussion and networking group, the Australian Manufacturing Forum on Linkedin, has passed an important membership milestone.

The Forum, Australia’s largest social media group of Australian manufacturers, passed 9,023 members on the long weekend.

The Forum has grown steadily since its founding in 2013, with the the group reaching 7,000 members in January and 8,000 in May.

The Forum is the country’s leading social media networking and discussion group, where manufacturer members can communicate freely with each other in a non-commercial environment.

Its sister publication is the @AuManufacturing news website, where we believe manufacturing is news, and provide only genuine news stories, and not the ‘paid content’ masquerading as editorial of some of our competitors.

At the same time the @AuManufacturing Linkein company page also continues to attract followers.

Yesterday there were 9,023 followers for the page.

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