Australian moon rover challenge to get underway

IoT satellite communications manufacturer Fleet Space Technologies will demonstrate the company’s communications modem operating two student-built Moon rovers at an event in Adelaide this week.

This is the first time satellite connectivity capability will been demonstrated with a rover as part of Australian efforts to operate a rover on the surface of the Moon.

Fleet is the lead for the Seven Sisters consortium which is bidding to be part of NASA’s Moon and Mars missions. Its aim is to deliver remote resources exploration and construction solutions.

The company is sponsoring the 2022 Australian Rover Challenge, running from the 25th to 27th of March at the Maths Lawns at the University of Adelaide.

Fleet will perform a live demonstration of two rovers built by students from Adelaide and Monash Universities being operated by its communications modem.

According to Fleet Space’s CEO Flavia Tata Nardini: “This will showcase a real-world demonstration of the satellite connectivity capability with the goal to remotely operate surface exploration rovers on the moon.

“This special demonstration will be the first to connect an exploration rover with satellite communications technology.”

The demonstration will take place on Friday the 25th between 2pm and 3pm to correspond with a Fleet-owned satellite pass over Adelaide.

Other sessions will discuss satellite connectivity challenges, the link to the Seven Sisters, and their overall global vision.

Tickets are free and available here.

Picture: Australian rover challenge 2022

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