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Australian Space Manufacturing Network secures funding

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Gilmour Space Technologies confirmed today that it had executed a $52 million grant agreement with the federal government that will see new space manufacturing and space launch facilities established as part of its Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN) project.

The project, co-funded under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) Collaboration stream, the Queensland government and industry partners, will advance the development and commercialisation of new space technologies in Australia.

The aim of the ASMN is to facilitate the ‘hardware’ development of space technologies, create hub opportunities for supply chain and commercial collaborations; and expand Australia’s sovereign space manufacturing in launch vehicles, satellites, and launch.

As previously announced, the ASMN will establish three new space facilities:

  • A common test and manufacturing facility, enabling members to advance their space research and technology development at lower cost
  • An advanced manufacturing facility for building commercial rockets and satellites, anchored by Gilmour Space
  • And an orbital spaceport in North Queensland, that will help bring many of these products to space.

The project is the largest space collaboration project under the MMI, bringing together more than 30 space companies, universities, and supply chain partners — including international satellite companies mu Space and SatRevolution – as well as Australian partners such as Neumann Space, Swinburne University of Technology, Spiral Blue, Greatcell Energy, and ARM Hub.

Gilmour Space CEO Adam Gilmour congratulated the ASMN partners and thanked the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, the Queensland Government, and City of Gold Coast for supporting the project.

Gilmour said: “Most of us in the Australian Space Manufacturing Network are already developing innovative new space technologies.

“The ASMN hub will allow members to advance their products and services to higher Technology Readiness Levels, facilitate more commercial-focused collaborations, provide valuable supply chain opportunities, and a path to launching their products to space.

“It will also help us build our sovereign capability in manufacturing launch vehicles, satellites and other commercial space technologies for Australian and international customers.”

Gilmour Space is currently seeking a location for the ASMN hub on the Gold Coast in southeast Queensland and is targeting to begin operations in 2024.

Queenslans Acting Minister for State Development and Gold Coast MP Meaghan Scanlon said: “More than 30 space companies collaborating to boost the industry, with government backing, is a clear example of what can be achieved when government and the private sector works together.”

ASMN Partners:

  • Gilmour Space (QLD) – Lead
  • mu Space (International)
  • SatRevolution (International)
  • Neumann Space (SA)
  • Swinburne University of Technology (VIC)
  • Spiral Blue (NSW)
  • Greatcell Energy (NSW)
  • Space Machines Company (ACT)
  • Infinite Engineering (VIC)
  • Nominal Systems (ACT)
  • Freelance Robotics (QLD)
  • Griffith University (QLD)
  • ARM Hub (QLD)
  • And Queensland Robotics (QLD).

Image: Gilmour Space Technologies

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