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Australian Vanadium produces first battery electrolyte

Manufacturing News

Australian Vanadium Limited has successfully produced its first high purity vanadium electrolyte, ready for use in vanadium redox flow batteries.

Production follows the commissioning of the company’s vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in Perth in December.

Independent analysis of the vanadium electrolyte produced at the facility shows that the impurities in the electrolyte were well within limits typically expected by vanadium flow battery manufacturers.

AVL’s Chief Executive Officer Graham Arvidson comments, “The completion of the facility, coupled with the confirmation of the production of on-specification vanadium electrolyte, achieves another major milestone for AVL and is a positive reflection of the technical and operational expertise within our organisation.

“We are ready to accept orders for electrolyte and are actively pursuing sales.”

Vanadium electrolyte is one of the key components of vanadium redox flow batteries which offer a high capacity for energy storage and a long cycle life, with the electrolyte available for recycling at the end of battery life.

AVL’s wholly owned subsidiary, VSUN Energy, is establishing a long duration energy storage pilot for Horizon Power in Kununurra, in the north of Western Australia.

In January VSUN Energy completed the manufacture of its first vanadium flow battery at its Western Australian facility.

The battery electrolyte facility was developed with federal government assistance in the form of a $3.69 million Australian government Modern Manufacturing Translation grant.

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Picture: Australian Vanadium/Ben Davis and Haley Knighten Criss (USV) and Flormirza Cabalteja (AVL) with first vanadium electrolyte samples

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