Australia’s niche champions – tna Solutions innovates to success

Our Australia’s niche champions series continues today with Alf Taylor, co-founder of global food processing and packaging machine manufacturer, tna Solutions. Here Alf reveals the key to global strength.

Innovation is at the core of tna’s manufacturing philosophy. At the heart of our business, is a team of passionate individuals who continue to drive tna’s success globally.

A customer-centric approach dominates how our team evolves strategic solutions, aligned with our customers’ business objectives.

This knowledge is applied to design solutions that deliver on customer needs in a unique way.

Our value proposition is communicated in a clear and consistent manner, emphasising compelling business benefits.

We support our customers throughout the product lifecycle including installation, implementation and ongoing aftermarket support.

tna’s journey began with a unique VFFS (Vertical Form Fill and Seal) packaging machine for snack food applications – tna robag.

The unique selling proposition was performance – with all other existing machines in the market, operating at 55-60 CPM (cycles per minute).

This was during the 1980s and there were around 20 VFFS suppliers worldwide, catering specifically to their regions.

US suppliers operated in the Americas, European suppliers dominated the European market. Japanese suppliers dominated Australasia.

When tna was founded, it revolutionised the packaging industry with the world’s first high-speed VFFS packaging machine. The tna robag operated at 100 CPM, almost double of what existed in the market, at the time.

Today, the tna robag operates at speeds of up to 200 CPM.

It is recognised as the world’s leading technology providing solutions to over 135 countries encompassing Australasia, Middle East, India, East and Western Europe, the Americas, Canada, USA, central and south America.

tna owns and manages the sales and support operations for these systems, globally.

With world-class innovations, we have always protected our intellectual property with extensive patents and trademarks.

Our business philosophy has led the evolution of the company from a single product into a complete integrated systems solutions partner, for the food processing and packaging industry globally.

The growth and recognition of tna as a valued brand has lent strength to our mission to share tna’s success towards making a meaningful contribution to society.

With this as a guiding principle, tna’s philanthropic initiatives are focused on providing sustainable, empowering solutions in areas of education, healthcare, social welfare and more, to those less fortunate, especially children.

tna’s success on a global level is but one example of Australian businesses excelling globally.

There is a core to success in the Australian manufacturing field – unique high value products, with a technological base, suitable for global markets.

For example, Australia is a major source of Lithium and an exciting opportunity exists for Australian designed and manufactured Lithium Ion powered vehicles with all the associated infrastructure such as the electronics system to power, recharge and maintain these vehicles.

Picture: Alf and Nadia Taylor, co-founders, tna Solutions

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