Automated Traffic Cone Truck set to save worker lives

The world’s most technologically advanced automated traffic cone placement truck has been unveiled in Melbourne after two years of real-world testing to prove its safety credentials.

The truck’s inventor, Arrowes, joined with stakeholders including the Victorian Government and major infrastructure construction companies to launch the truck at Holmesglen Institute’s Victorian Tunnelling Centre which is training road construction workers to operate the new vehicle.

Arrowes’ CEO, Ms Lea Ea said: “The Automated Cone Truck (ACT) is a game changer with a lot of ‘smarts’ and mechatronics that automatically places and retrieves traffic cones to ensure workers are not exposed to the risk of traffic. It will save lives.

“The ACT will revolutionise the industry and is set to become the new norm for safe and efficient cone deployment and retrieval both in Australia and internationally.

“It will rewrite health and safety and operation standards around roading worksites and mean that workers return home safely every day to their family and friends.”

Road construction and maintenance workers are among the most likely to be involved in a workplace incident in Australia.

Research by Safe Work Australia found 63 per cent of fatalities on worksites were caused by being hit by moving vehicles.

The Automated Cone Truck, which is 100 per cent designed and manufactured in Australia, has already been named as a finalist in a Major Transport Infrastructure Authority infrastructure safety technology award, after being nominated by Major Road Projects Victoria.

The prototype truck was unveiled to the industry in October 2020, followed by two years of intensive trials on various projects, including the M80 Ring Road upgrade in Melbourne.

The feedback from the trials has now been incorporated into the commercial design which has now been released.

Ms Ea said: “The innovation meets a global need and application and confirms Arrowes as Australia’s premier innovator in roading safety.”

Arrowes automated the cone task by employing a small group of young engineering graduates from the Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland to work alongside Arrowes senior engineers.

The ACT can deploy one cone per five seconds which can be placed at 3-24m spacing. For example, when deployed with 12m cone spacing, the ACT can deploy cones at 8km/hr or at 24m spacing at 16km/h.

The ACT can also retrieve cones from both sides of the vehicle while driving forward or reversing.

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