Avenira completes cathode process design

Phosphate chemicals producer Avenira has announced that its industrial technology partner Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry (Aleees) has completed basic process design for its planned lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery cathode materials plant.

Taiwan’s Aleees is one of the few LFP battery materials producer outside China with complete LFP manufacturing capabilities and patents for electric vehicle storage systems.

Avenira is developing a phosphate mine at Wonarah in the Territory and a cathode plant at Darwin’s Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct.

The company told investors that Aleees since September had completed basic engineering process data, equipment process design and specifications, process flow, materials balance and energy balance for the plant.

Avenira Executive Chairman Brett Clark said recent engagement with car manufacturers had validated the selection of Alees as technology partner.

Working with Aleees, Avenira has begun discussions with a number of global car manufacturers.

“It has also highlighted, very clearly, how important LFP is in the selection of batteries for the electric vehicle industry in the next few years.

“LFP chemistries are forecast to take an increasing share of the battery market for the electric car and light vehicle sector.

“Avenira aims to capture a meaningful share of the ex-China market for LFP.”

Avenira plans a staged development at Middle Arm with an initial 5,000 to 10,000 tonne capacity, and the ability to expand production to 30,000 tonnes.

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