Avid makes it local

A Perth based electrical contracting firm has enjoyed a spectacular increase in sales and productivity, thanks to a shift in business strategy to local manufacturing.

Avid EPG Group’s strategy means it can provide products to the local market as much as 10 weeks faster than if customers ordered products from Asian markets.

The companies Forrestfield workshop, near Perth Airport, has become a hive of activity with staff numbers up 15 per cent because of the opportunities the business strategy has provided.

Business Development Manager Aaron Teo said “Avid EPG Group is very much part of the global economy and has partnerships with some of the world’s leading electrical manufacturing companies.

“But…where possible, we design, engineer and assemble our own high and low voltage equipment rather than simply buying finished products directly from overseas.”

The company produces modular switchboard systems, and now employs more electricians, specialist engineers, project managers and apprentices.

Not only is the product received faster, but clients also have the ability to be more involved in the design process and save money on local drafting and engineering.

Avid Group serves the mining, oil and gas, defence and government sector clients.

Teo said: “There’s no reason why Australian companies can’t have one eye on the global market and another in our own backyard.

“Australian manufacturing has had its setbacks, but there is still a lot of life left in it.”

Picture: Avid EPG Group

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