BAE Systems Australia to upgrade Nulka anti-missile decoy rocket

BAE Systems Australia and the federal government have signed a $150 million contract for the continued development, procurement and sustainment of the Nulka anti-missile decoy rocket.

In service on more than 140 surface combat ships in the US, Australian and Canadian navies, Nulka is a hovering rocket that carries sophisticated electronic warfare electronics.

Fired automatically on detection of an incoming sea skimming missile, Nulka hovers then moves away from the fleet, sending signals that confuse the missile and lure it off course.

A BAE Systems Australia managing director Andrew Gresham said: “The new contract will ensure that the next generation of Royal Australian Navy warships have the most effective anti-ship missile defenced.

“This contract will enable Australia to secure and strengthen its position as the world leader in the evolution of technologies at the heart of Nulka.”

Nulka has long been Australia’s most successful defence export.

Gresham said the five-year contract brought together contracts for the Australian and US governments.

Nulka has an extensive local supply chain including Milspec Engineering and Thales Australia.

Picture: Picture: BAE Systems/Nulka.

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