BAE Systems installs new mast on HMAS Anzac

HMAS Anzac’s new taller and wider mast has been installed in a major milestone in the ship’s modernisation and technology upgrade.

Installed at BAE System Australia’s Henderson facility in Western Australia, the mast incorporates the new Australian developed and made CEA L-Band high power active phase array radar.

Incorporating an integrated ‘Friend and Foe’ capability, the new radar complements the existing Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) radar.

BAE Systems Chief Executive Gabby Costigan said: “The successful integration of the mast onto HMAS Anzac demonstrates the important maritime engineering capability that the company has developed and maintained…for more than three decades.

“The new Australian L-Band active phased array radar will provide the RAN with a world-leading capability that will support its operational requirements well into the future.”

The installation is one of the last major works being undertaken in the ship’s Mid Life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) leading to active service in 2020.

The new mast is the second to be manufactured by BAE Systems under an agreement with SAAB Australia, Naval Ship Management (NSM) and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Around 650 people are working on the upgrade of the Anzac frigate fleet, including 400 BAE Systems Australia employees.

The new radar system was integrated into the existing Combat Management Systems of the ship by SAAB Australia.

HMAS Anzac will receive upgraded ventilation systems, a new sewage system, engine and control and monitoring improvements, and a new communications suite.

Picture: BAE Systems

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