Barrett Releases the HF Radio Mailbox

HF radio manufacturer Barrett Communications has released its new 4020 HF Radio Mailbox.

Part of Barrett’s HF Fax and Data System used worldwide for the past 15 years, the new Radio Mailbox delivers IMAP synchronised email over HF Radio and onto users’ smart devices.

A feature previously unavailable to the HF radio user, it allows users to communicate via email from wherever they are, including remote and isolated locations connected only by HF radio.

It works with smartphone, tablet or laptop and uses existing email platforms such as Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Previously, each user was required to run PC based applications to send and receive POP/SMTP email via HF radio.

The HF radio Mailbox requires no PC connection and handles all incoming and outgoing secure mail transfers, requiring the user to simply connect their smart device to the Mailbox’s inbuilt WiFi hotspot and directly synchronise their mail account.

Any mail received by the Mailbox is automatically synchronised with the user’s device and outgoing mail is sent via the HF radio automatically to the private/public domain mail server.

The small size of the HF Radio Mailbox makes it adaptable to a wide range of base station, mobile and even Manpack applications.

Picture: Barrett Communications

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