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Bendigo business exports horse dentistry equipment to over 40 countries

Manufacturing News

Australian machine tool business ANCA CNC Machines has shared details of its work with customer The Edge Equine, a Bendigo-based company exporting horse dentistry products to more than 40 countries.

According to a release from ANCA this week, the relationship began with enquiry from a horse dentist about sharpening equine dental blades.

The Edge produces mostly mouth blades (a disposable file) and floats (which are used to hold blades), which are used to maintain horses’ teeth. It also runs a commercial and industrial sharpening service.

Tim McMahon, Managing Director of The Edge Equine, said he had been using ANCA’s machines since 2005, with the purchase of a second-hand TG4 machine.

Among further purchases of ANCA machines was a recent acquisition of a FX5E, which according to a ANCA offers “scope for more high precision grinding in the industrial regrinding market and the ability to potentially produce new products for the veterinary space.”

McMahon said the new machine “has the capacity to have robotics fitted and it will be something to look at in the future as our market grows…

“At the moment we manually feed the machines, which still works well for us, but we have the opportunity to grow
further on the automation stage.”

He added that he is confident The Edge would continue growing in the animal health industry, and said it was possible they would  manufacture other veterinary products in the next ten to 15 years.

“Our businesses are located just two hours away from each other, which means that we are able to work closely with The Edge Equine to ensure the machines we supply meet their growing needs,” added ANCA Machine Tools General Manager Ed Boland.

“We are proud [of] our Australian designed, engineered and built machines are playing a key role in helping Australian manufactured products compete on a global scale.”

ANCA is headquartered in Bayswater North, near Melbourne, and employs 1,200 globally. Almost all its products are exported.

Picture: a rasp (supplied)

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