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Black Sky Aerospace develops solid rocket fuel

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Queensland’s Black Sky Aerospace has celebrated the successful launch of the first rocket powered by Australian-made fuel (pictured).

The company was partly funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre to develop a process to manufacture solid-state rocket fuel, using it for the launch in outback Queensland earlier this month.

AMGC chairman Paul Cooper said Back Sky Aerospace demonstrated the opportunities for Australian manufacturers to participate in the growing space sector.

Cooper said: “Australian manufacturers are world-class and Black Sky Aerospace demonstrates the skills that exist onshore. This project has allowed Black Sky to leverage those skills and establish onshore manufacturing capability, resulting in a product which has both local and export potential.”

CEO of Black Sky Aerospace Blake Nikolic said: “Australia has never before had the ability to make its own rocket fuel.

“Unlike liquid fuels, solid fuels are easier and safer to transport, store and to use; making it a real advantage for both Australian companies, and for the potential export market.”

Minister for industry Karen Andrews said this was a major national milestone which makes Australia more self-reliant.

“With Australia now able to make our own solid-state rocket fuel, we’re building robust supply chains for the Australian space sector, as well as other connected industries like defence.”

Picture: Black Sky Aerospace

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