BNNT production costs drop opens way to new uses


PPK Group investee company BNNT Technology has announced a series of production improvements that have allowed the company to significantly reduce the price of its Australian-made boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT).

BNNTs are similar to carbon fibre nanotubes, however having unique properties they are being developed by PPK companies for uses ranging from dental implants to body armour and new battery types.

BNNT Technology said its price for BNNT now starts from US$150/gram – subject to volume and functionalisation requirements – compared to the approximately US$400/gram offered by competitors.

This is likely to speed tests of the nanomaterial and accelerate the timeline to widespread use and commercialisation.

PPK Group’s share price rose from 82 cents to $1.10 yesterday in response to the announcement.

PPK Chief Executive Officer Marc Fenton said the production improvements provided an opportunity for various industry sectors to leverage the unique properties and applications of BNNTs at a more accessible price point.

Fenton said: “Scientists and industry have been aware of the incredible properties of BNNT for many years, but the cost of production has been a huge obstacle to widespread testing and utilisation of the nanomaterial.

“By lowering the cost substantially, we will improve access and ensure more companies can test and validate the performance of BNNT in their products.”

Commercial director of BNNT Technology Lieuwke de Jong said there were many cases when costs had prohibited the use of the nanomaterial for various uses.

de Jong said: “I speak with potential customers daily and the conversation inevitable turns top cost.

“My aim is to ensure that adoption of these super materials can be as widespread as possible.”

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