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Bod Science R&D supports cannabis absorption

Manufacturing News

Medicinal cannabis developer, Bod Science, has released the results of the second pharmacokinetic (PK) study for its Aqua Phase drug delivery system.

The system has been developed to make water hating (or lipophilic) drugs, such as cannabinoids (CBD), water soluble.

The most recent study, according to the company, demonstrated that Aqua Phase delivers six times greater bioavailability in comparison to CBD in oil as well as triple the maximum concentration levels.

Bod Science said that it also showed that Aqua Phase was faster-acting, reaching its maximum concentration in two and a half hours versus six hours for CBD in oil.

This significantly enhances its absorption and tolerability for users.

Head of Research & Development at Bod Janet Wilson said: “In particular, the enhanced tolerability of Aqua Phase has the potential to improve the experience of patients who can’t tolerate the oils used in most CBD products.

“Excessive oil consumption can cause various digestive symptoms such as nausea and indigestion.”

Aqua Phase’s boosted bioavailability also has the potential to reduce adverse side-effects of lipophilic drugs, while also reducing dose levels and increasing absorption.

Lipophilic drugs can pose certain challenges in terms of their formulation, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

CEO of Bod Jo Patterson said this creates scope for Bod to pivot from being a CBD-focused drug developer to one that enters the broader medicines market globally.

Picture: Bod Science

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