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Boral aims for net zero emissions carbon offset cement

Manufacturing News

Building products group Boral has made available to builders cement made with its proprietary ZEP technology, which offers lower carbon concrete with good-early age strength, lower drying shrinkage properties, less prone to cracking, and superior durability.

The company took to social media and said: “As most of you will know, to reduce the embodied carbon of our concrete, the Portland cement component is replaced with lower carbon cementitious alternatives such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS).

“Previously, simply substituting a significant amount of cement in a concrete mix would in many instances negatively impact the feasibility of its use.”

Boral said its ZEP technologywas a step in reducing the embodied carbon of our concrete.

“These enhanced and proprietary improvements provide engineers, builders, and architects with a cost-effective lower carbon concrete alternative that can be used across multiple applications from the architecturally distinct to the most complex engineering challenges.”

Boral also said: “Coming soon: Net Zero Carbon Offset Concrete.”

Picture: Boral

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