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Boral goes mobile for pavements at new Sydney airport

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Building products group Boral is close to the culmination of a major effort at the site of the new Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) now under construction.

According to the company it ‘is in the thick of assembling (the) mobile asphalt plant’ which will be responsible for the airside surfaces at the airport at the Badgerys Creek site.

In February the company was named as the partner to produce, deliver, and lay the asphalt for the runway, taxiway, and airside roads and pavements as part of the CPB Contractors and ACCIONA Australia joint venture.

Stage one involved De Martin and Gasparini (DMG) pouring concrete at the eastern end of the new runway to form a solid base for Boral’s purpose-built mobile asphalt plant.

Stage two saw Boral’s logistics team mobilise and deliver the massive hot bin silos (pictured) to the eastern end of the runway which represent a crucial part of the mobile asphalt plant.

According to Boral: “In stage three the focus is on the monumental task of bringing all the various elements and components of the plant together to assemble a fully functional asphalt plant.

“This isn’t just about assembling the plant, it’s also about realising a more sustainable operation.

“By situating our plant on site, we will significantly reduce the number of trucks on local roads and the overall amount of energy required to manufacture and transport the asphalt to site.

“Furthermore, our plant can respond quickly to production demands, streamlining production and ramping up volumes when required.”

Meanwhile Boral’s Information & Technology team is establishing a seamless communications network throughout the project site, facilitating efficient collaboration and data exchange between onsite and offsite stakeholders and partners.

Western Sydney International Airport will have the capacity to accommodate up to ten million passengers annually when it opens in 2026.

Picture: Boral

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