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Borcat Trailers goes green with lower carbon aluminium

Manufacturing News

Australian trailer manufacturer Borcat Trailers has taken a significant step towards sustainability by embracing Capral Aluminium’s LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium.

Borcat Trailers has partnered with Capral Aluminium, embracing LocAl Green lower carbon aluminium as the new standard for extruded aluminium supplied into its business.

Capral’s LocAl offer includes two lower carbon aluminium options: LocAl Green with carbon emissions of eight kg CO2e/kg Al and LocAl Super Green at four kg CO2e/kg Al – amongst the lowest carbon aluminium available globally.

The owner of Borecat Trailers Paul Gallagher said: “Over the years, Borcat Trailers have prioritised pioneering new technology as trailer designs and industry demands changed.

“Aluminium has many advantages in trailer manufacturing; durability and lightweight are major ones, particularly now that, as an industry, we are looking for ways to decarbonise.

“A lighter weight trailer is more efficient to tow and allows operators to maximise their payload.”

“Now, with access to LocAl Green from Capral, Borcat can deliver all the benefits of an aluminium trailer while drastically reducing the embodied carbon associated with the build.”

Gallagher said this was important for large fleets where decarbonisation had become a top priority.

The carbon emissions in primary aluminium production range from under four kg CO2e/kg Al to over 20kg CO2e/kg Al, dependent upon the energy sources used, with the global average carbon emission for primary aluminium of 13.9 kg CO2e/kg Al.

Capral General Manager Industrial and Supply Chain Luke Hawkins said: “At eight kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram of aluminium, the LocAl Green offer has significantly lower carbon emissions than the current global average for primary aluminium.

“At four kilograms, LocAl Super Green is 75 percent lower – this is a significant reduction.”

Capral has also become the first and only ASI-certified aluminium extruder in Australia.

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