Boss company in 3D printing factory for construction

Family-owned building products manufacturer Boss Products has transitioned from its traditional manufacturing processes to the launch a new 3D printing offering for the building and construction industry.

Boss’s concrete 3D printing factory in Melbourne is focused on commercial and domestic sectors including supplying planter boxes and retaining walls.

Boss Products CEO Michael Boss said: “We could see the challenges ahead were going to be tough.

“We were constantly having to find ways of making the manufacturing process more efficient, but key elements including labour, power, and other operating costs were continuing to rise.

“We had to find another way.”

Boss looked into 3D printing and realised that this was the answer, before searching the world for the most advanced and reliable 3D printing technology for building and construction.

The company identified fellow Melbourne manufacturer Luyten and their Platypus X2 3D printer (pictured).

“It is a large machine with extraordinary capacity that is extremely easy to use and incredibly versatile.”

The system has now replaced traditional processes which involves an order time of four to six weeks to allow for materials.

During this time, the company builds the supporting structure for the mould, makes the mould, pours the concrete mix into the mould, and waits for the mould to dry – taking up to 10 days process time in total.

“Using our new Platypus X2 3D printer, we are now able to print a planter box in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes.

“We have cut time, resources and costs up to 95 percent. We are now literally able to manufacture at a rate that is hundreds of times higher at a fraction of the cost.

“We are already looking at setting up a new factory close by to give us the increased production space to quadruple our printing capacity of planter boxes and other products per year.”

Founded in Melbourne, Luyten 3D has also partnered with the University of New South Wales to progress printing of structures and base camps on the moon.

Luyten CEO, Ahmed Mahil said: “We are absolutely thrilled to see our technology being used right here in Australia.

“In fact, many businesses are starting to realise the unrivalled benefits of 3D printing,” .

Picture: Luyten their Platypus X2 3D printe

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