Build a submarine – in Australia even kids get to do it


In post AUKUS Australia, everyone gets their own submarine.

In fact, even children get to build their own submarines thanks to an innovative STEM-focused educational programme Subs in Schools Technology Challenge.

According to Defence SA, Subs in Schools provides students an opportunity to engage deeply with advanced engineering systems by building a fully functioning Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or submarine.

Defence SA said: “The initiative promotes learning in various areas including design, manufacturing, marketing, graphic design, obtaining sponsorship, teamwork, communication, understanding media, exploring careers, and managing finance.

“It also provides a practical, creative platform for students to compete against their peers.”

Subs in Schools is a collaboration between the Re-Engineering Foundation (REA) which is best known for its F1 in Schools events, the Department of Defence and industry stakeholders including the Australian Submarine Corporation and Saab Australia.

But what kid wouldn’t want to ditch their school books and get to build either a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) or a submarine which they must operate?

Alternatively they can build a three-dimensional virtual scale model of living quarters in a futuristic submarine.

The kids certainly seem to like it and, interestingly, half of the students engaged in Subs in Schools across the nation are female.

When schools met at the inaugural National Final in Sydney it was an all-girl team from Adelaide which claimed the honour of being our first National Champions.

The following year the spotlight was on four boys aged 10 and 11 from Adelaide who arrived at the National Finals with their ROV and proceeded to win almost every award available.

But why should girls and boys have all the fun – some of us adults would love the chance to build our own submarine.

– Peter Roberts

Picture: Defence SA

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