Business leaders propose zero-emission million jobs plan

Climate Change think tank Beyond Zero Emissions has released a million jobs plan to reinvigorate the economy through investment in zero emissions industries.

The plan was released today by a high level business group of Mike Cannon-Brookes of Atlassian, former chair of Macquarie Bank Kevin McCann, CEO of First State Super and Origin Energy Deanne Stewart and anarchitect of the Paris Climate Agreement Christina Figueres.

Chair of BZE, Eytan Lenko said: “Australia needs the best solutions to unlock productivity and growth, and BZE is bringing together leaders in investment, business and industry to get those ideas scoped and built.”

The million jobs plan proposes:

  • accelerating new energy transmission and storage projects
  • implementing a national housing retrofit programme to cut emissions and power bills
  • the construction of 150,000 zero energy social housing dwellings
  • building electrified transportation systems based on Australian manufacturing
  • restoration of land
  • and upgrading of the aluminium refining industry to utilise renewables.

Lenko said that only last week the ABS reported that 835,000 people had lost their jobs since March.

“We need urgent action to work alongside governments to restore our economy.

“The million jobs plan provides a framework to enable projects that are practical, bankable and create jobs.”

Cannon Brookes said the plan was bold, and doable.

He said: “This plan shows the way to a green and goldeconomic recovery that will set us up for decades to come.”

Image: Beyond Zero Emissions

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