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Calix low emissions cement technology gets green light

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Technology development firm Calix’s lead LEILAC-2 project has passed its financial investment decision and will move on to building a plant capable of capturing 20 per cent of an existing cement plant’s CO2 emissions at low cost.

The company, which is commercialising new kiln technology enabling the capture of CO2 in the manufacture of cement and lime, plans retrofitting the HidelbergCement’s operational plant in Hannover Germany.

The plant is supported by grants from the European Union Horizon 2020 scheme which aim to reduce emissions from cement and lime production – one of the biggest industrial emitters of greenhouse gasses.

Calix said: “The FID milestone has been achieved despite the complications arising from the global pandemic and Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We are now proceeding with detailed design, purchasing long lead-time items, and expecting to commence construction in 2023.

“There remain key project risk flag points prior to purchasing major components, given the market situation.”

Calix envisages a modular refit for existing cement and lime plants to address their unavoidable emissions and ultimately separate CO2 for a cost of between 20 and 25 Euros per tonne of CO2.

The LEILAC-2 consortium includes HidelbergCement, Calix, CEMEX, Cimpor, Engie, IKN, Lhoise and research and government partners.

Picture: Calix

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