Canberra eases Australian Made path for complementary medicines

The federal government has responded to concerns from the complementary medicine industry by making it easier for them to be sold as ‘Made in Australia’ and with the ‘Australian Made’ logo.

The Government, with support from the states, has introduced an interim measure to allow access for complementary medicines that meet certain manufacturing eligibility requirements.

Industry minister Karen Andrews said the changes reflected the best interests of consumers, industry and the economy.

She said: “We acted as quickly as possible to resolve the unintended consequences of country of origin labelling laws.

“We listened to the sector and the public to understand what would be best for all stakeholders and that’s seen us bring in this interim measure.”

The move will help local manufacturers to expand the $1 billion export market for complementary medicines.

The government is also planning to change the Australian Competition and Consumer Act to permanently reinstate access to Australian origin claims for complementary medicines.

Under those changes manufacturers will be required to include a bar chart showing the proportion of Australian ingredients, a situation which currently applies to food labeling.

Making a country of origin claim remains voluntary for complementary medicines.


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