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Capral to trial use of partially recycled aluminium

Manufacturing News

Leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer Capral Aluminium is to trial Aluminium Bahrain’s (Alba’s) EternAl-30 and EternAl-15 primary aluminium billets with 30 percent and 15 percent recycled content.

Capral described the trial as a groundbreaking entry to the Australian aluminium market that promises to set new standards for carbon reductions and recycled content.

Capral already sells its LocAl lower carbon aluminium products which were recognised at the 2023 Architecture and Design Sustainability Awards as the Green Building Product category winner.

The General Manager of Capral Industrial Division and Supply Chain Luke Hawkins said: “We launched our LocAl offer in 2023 in response to market demands for lower carbon aluminium options.

“This has been a great initiative, and we know it has driven change within the domestic aluminium market, but it’s not enough.

‘Australian manufacturers in a range of sectors are looking for locally produced aluminium extrusion containing recycled content, and we have been proactively working with our supply partners to reliably source aluminium billet, which would allow us to deliver this solution to the Australian market.”

Alba’s EternAl offer is a primary aluminium billet containing recycled content, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of primary aluminium production.

Recycling aluminium requires up to 95 percent less energy than using raw materials, drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

It also conserves natural resources, reduces waste, and supports a circular economy by keeping materials in use indefinitely.

With trials set to take place in this month, Capral is optimistic about its ability to deliver recycled content on its extruded products later this year.

Hawkins said: “We’re committed to rigorous trials to ensure the EternAl billet performs as we would expect on our extrusion press.

“We know this billet is of a very high quality and don’t foresee any impact on structural properties, extrudability, or finish.

“Once our trials are complete in late July, it is our hope that we will be in a position to offer Australian manufacturers and builders an aluminium product that meets their performance expectations and supports their sustainability goals.”

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