Carbonix backs drone operation roadmap

Commercial drone and UAV manufacturer Carbonix is backing efforts by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to develop a strategy for aerospace management mixing the operation of drones and traditional aircraft.

In partnership with industry, CASA has drafted a roadmap outlining its approach to aviation safety regulations for drones and AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) over the next 10 years and beyond.

According to Carbonix integration of autonomous aircraft with conventional aviation in a productive and safe way without saddling users with onerous and impractical compliance burdens presents some real challenges.

“Australia is well suited to test and prove these new technologies, having a modern airspace management system and a good mix of open sparsely populated areas, isolated towns, and busy heavily trafficked cities with sprawling suburbs.

“Carbonix is proud to have been a part of the RPAS and AAM Strategic Regulatory Roadmap Working Group, bringing technical and commercial insight to the consultation process.

“Our familiarity with operating medium VTOL systems allowed us to share an understanding of the requirements and risks in this sector.”

According to CASA the roadmap aims to provide a long-term plan to integrate these types of aircraft into Australia’s airspace and future regulatory system.

CASA is calling for those interested in remotely piloted aircraft to comment on the draft roadmap through a public consultation process.

“Whether you’re active in the drone, AAM or crewed aviation industry, we want to hear from you.

“Visit our Consultation Hub here before Tuesday 19 April 2022.”

Picture: Carbonix

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