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Casella wines goes solar at Yenda facility

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Casella Family Brands, the maker of Yellow Tail and Peter Lehmann wines, has switched on the largest solar PV facility in the Australian wine industry at its facility at Yenda, NSW.

CEO of Casella Family Brands John Casella said the facility was a major step forward for the industry and his business.

Casella said: “We’re in a stable position, and this investment has been made with a long term strategic outlook to support our brands and the Australian wine sector.

“This solar facility directly supports Casella Family Brand’s Net-Zero targets alongside the Australian wine industry’s GHG emissions reduction goals.

“Using clean energy will result in substantial long-term cost savings for the business.

“Overall, integrating solar power into our business’s energy strategy will bring financial, environmental, and strategic benefits that contribute to long-term success and competitiveness.”

Casella Family Brands has a goal of reducing GHG emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, and achieving Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2050 through the facility which is capable of generating 11.53 GWh of clean electricity per year.

This will offset 7,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, which is enough to meet the electricity needs of approximately 1,900 Australian homes, or equivalent to planting 325,000 trees.

The facility will provide clean, renewable electricity to the company’s largest winemaking site in Yenda which is home to the popular Yellow Tail wines.

Casella Family Brands has measured its Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions to outline key reduction areas.

The largest source of direct GHG emissions was identified as Scope 2 electricity at the Yenda site which makes up approximately 65 per cent of total Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

The solar farm will provide approximately 35 per cent of the Yenda site’s electricity.

The facility features a two-panel tracking system incorporating a smart algorithm that optimises the positioning of the solar panels to allow for maximum sun exposure and energy generation year-round.

The facility will also power Casella Family Brands’ on-site brewery, home of the Australian Beer Company and its brands including Yenda Brewing Co., Son of a Nun and Pressman’s Cider.

Casella Family Brands has invested in a second solar system. which will provide clean energy to power the wastewater treatment plant and is capable of generating 890.47 MWh of electricity per year.

Casella said: “As well as reducing our footprint, we are making a direct contribution to the Australian wine industry’s GHG emissions reduction goals via the products we make and supply, as we all strive to ensure a sustainable global wine sector.”

Picture: Casella Family Brands

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