Hypersonix, BOC announce partnership on green hydrogen for space travel

Hypersonix has officially announced BOC as its supplier of Australian-made green hydrogen for planned flights to space using a scramjet engine. BOC had earlier been named as a supplier of hydrogen to Hypersonix, which announced a partnership last month with Boeing’s Research & Technology division (BR&T) for a joint study on scramjet-powered vehicles. According to…

Fibres and composites transforming industry: There are Australians chasing the holy grail, but they can’t talk about it yet

This short installment of our Fibres and composites transforming industry series looks at the cutting-edge of pressure vessel construction, known as Type V. Work is underway in Australia on design and manufacture of these, but few details are being shared right now. By Brent Balinski.  

Fibres and composites transforming industry – how Micro-X turns nanotubes into X-Rays

@AuManufacturing launches its new editorial series – fibres and composites transforming industry – with a look at the taming of carbon fibre nanotubes. Once the stuff of science fiction, one Australian start-up, Micro-X, stands tall, harnessing nanotechnology to produce X-Rays in a process that threatens to make all other systems obsolete. By Peter Roberts Carbon…

Fibres and composites transforming industry – Introduction to our new editorial series

@AuManufacturing launches its new editorial series today. It will look at work done to make better products with fibres and composites, ranging from the laboratory to the factory floor, as well as the increased focus on end-of-life products. Editor Brent Balinski looks at some of the recent and potential future success in the genre.