Celebrating Australian Made – Boss Aluminium takes quality off road

It seems to be a characteristic about proud Australian Made companies that their commitment to going local is more than just skin deep.

Australian made licensee Boss Aluminium owner David Whitehead is one that doesn’t just claim local provenance, but strives to buy as much of the materials and systems he needs from other Australian companies.

According to Whitehead: “We are proud to be Australian Made, we employ Australian people and we use as much Australian product in our business as we can.

“It is all about bringing the highest quality product to the consumer, to you guys so you can enjoy it and get a lifetime of use out of it.”

Boss manufactures 4WD vehicle accessories designed for tough conditions in Melbourne including premium aluminium trays and canopies and a growing range of off-road touring accessories. The company also upgrades off-roaders to carry heavier loads, converts vehicles to six wheel drive and builds custom tray top units.

“We have the latest technology, we strive to have the best quality, and we are in control of that because we keep everything in house.

“We have canvas manufacturing in house, we use Australian made canvas, we are doing everything we possibly can to be a sustainable Australian Made business.”

Whitehead sources canvass for rooftop campers from canvas manufactured in Australia by Wax Converters Textiles Australia and Defab textiles. He also incorporates electrical systems from supplier REDARC whose ruggedised components are now finding favour in the defence market.

Boss Aluminium’s 55 staff utilise the best materials and advanced production machinery including robotic systems, laser cutting and CNC panel bending catering to customers who are serious about off roading and know the perils of shoddy products.

“It is the old saying ‘good from afar but far from good’.

“A lot of Australian business they are family businesses and they have invested their lived to be able to bring you great product and services.

“Yes they are more expensive, yes we pay more wages, and yes we support our workforce.

“Take that into consideration when you are looking at a product made overseas – it may be (cheaper) versus a quality made product that’s going to last you as lifetime.”

Founded in 2000, Boss Aluminium’s quality mantra is leading to rapid growth and beginning to resonate in export markets where off roaderrs understand the strength of Australian products.

Boss has entered the Philippines market and is examining the US market, the world’s biggest where other Australian producers are making their mark.

Whitehead said: “We have invested in a lot of technology and go for high quality, so can compete internationally.

“Our customer base appreciates Australian Made but we are finding it also carries a lot of weight overseas.”

Pictures: Boss Aluminium/factory/4WD fitout/David Whitehead

This story is part of Celebrating Australian Made, an annual series sponsored by Australian Made and profiling its licensees. For more information on becoming a licensee, visit this link.

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