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China wine exports slashed to a trickle as punitive measures bite

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China’s punitive tariffs on Australian wine have slashed wine exports to the middle kingdom to a trickle.

Australian makers sent only $3.5 million worth of wine to China in December, down from $162.9 million in October according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Red wine exports fell from $159.9 million in October to $3.3 million in December.

White wine exports fell to $86,196, and rosé exports to $24,937.

The 98 per cent drop is a major blow to local winemakers.

Exports to China accounted for 39 per cent of export sales of $3 billion in the year to September before tariffs were imposed.

China’s ministry of commerce imposed the tariffs of up to 212 per cent on November 28 as part of its anti-dumping inquiry.

China has also imposed import restrictions including tariff and non-tariff barriers on beef, seafood, coal and barley.

However Australia’s total exports to China rose to $13.3 billion in December, up 21 per cent on the previous month.

Picture: Wine Australia

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