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Christopher Janssen’s digitisation journey – webinar this week

Manufacturing News

Christopher Janssen, Managing Director at GPC Electronics, leverages manufacturing technologies to enable him to produce electronic systems in batches of 2, or batches of 100,000 from his three factories in Sydney, New Zealand or China.

Employing 500 people globally, GPC is Australia’s largest electronics manufacturer, boasting a customer list of household names and a single end to end point of truth data system that seamlessly knits together operations.

Janssen’s digitisation journey began early in the first days of Computer Aided Design, and grew naturally throughout his sourcing, design, manufacturing and customer service processes.

Hear his story and those of two other leading CEOs in a live, online discussion in our latest webinar – Your Digitisation Journey – on Wednesday, October 18 at 11am eastern time.

Register here today.

Along with Janssen (pictured, below) we will hear from Vanessa Katsanevakis, Director of Sussex Taps, Ty Hermans, Managing Director Evolve Group & Velno Holdings, and Rade Bogdanovic, SoftLabs Director, Products and Solutions.

This webinar is brought to you by SoftLabs enterprise software.

Picture: GPC Electronics factory at Penrith, Sydney/Christopher Janssen

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Manufacturing News

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