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Clarity Aquatic’s wetlands treating Tassie sewage

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Green water treatment company Clarity Aquatic has celebrated the installment of a second Constructed Floating Wetland (CFW, pictured) at TasWater’s Ross Sewage Treatment Plant (Ross STP).

The milestone is part of a Floating Wetland Pilot in which the Adelaide company, a portfolio company of investment group Innovyz, will install CFWs at three STPs in Northeastern Tasmania.

According to Clarity: “Using Clarity Aquatic’s CFWs enables plants to naturally treat effluent, removing phosphorus and nitrogen from the water, lowering BOD, and generally improving the quality of treated water released into the environment.

“Our modules boast a lifespan of up to 50 years, are UV resistant, do not release microplastics, and are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespans.”

Clarity’s CFWs can also integrate aquatic plants in conjunction with reeds that continuously treat water due to the plant roots forming biomass that remains in the water.

Clarity took to social media and said: “We are thankful to the team from TasWater for their initiative to use nature-based treatment solutions and to our design and installation partners, Covey Associates Pty Ltd and Scaada Environmental & Sustainability for their efforts.

“It’s wonderful to be part of the circular economy, and we look forward to many more similar projects and initiatives for natural treatment solutions.”

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