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Clinical trial on schedule and $600,000 in R&D funding accessed: EMVision

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Brain imaging technology company EMVision Medical Devices has given an update on progress of its clinical trial and a Medical Research Future Fund-backed R&D program, with the latter seeing the company access a $600,000 milestone payment.

The clinical trials are in the pre-validation phase and running to schedule, according to a statement from EMVision on Wednesday. 

EMVision is currently developing a first-generation scanner for bedside use in emergency departments and other clinical settings, in parallel with a second-generation version designed for first responders. These are an alternative to CT and MRI scans and designed for detection of strokes at a critical early stage.

Approximately half of 30 participants for Stage 1 (healthy volunteers) have successfully enrolled in the clinical trial, with all 30 expected to be enrolled “in the coming weeks”, said EMVision. This will activate Stage 2 of the trial, “involving up to 150 acute stroke/stroke mimic patients.” 

The trial involves the first-generation bedside machine (pictured.)

“We have strong clinical engagement and the ease of training and use of our device, along with the speed of scanning, has certainly helped with the process,” said CEO Dr Ron Weinberger. 

Weinberger’s company also gave an update on its five-year project, which was awarded $8 million in funding from the Australian government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) program, and is being carried out in partnership with the Australian Stroke Alliance (ASA.) This covers a more portable, second-generation scanner, with the company targeting trials in road and air ambulances next year.

Funding is released in a stage-gated approach throughout the project, with the latest a $600,000 payment.

“The testing conducted as part of our ASA milestones has shown encouraging benchtop results from our system enhancements which bodes well for our clinical trials,” added Weinberger. 

“We are excited with the progress being made with our 2nd Gen first responder model as well as our 1st Gen in-hospital device.”

EMVision listed on the ASX in 2018 and is a University of Queensland spinout, based on research by Professor Amin Abbosh and Professor Stuart Crozier.

Picture: Credit EMVision

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