Cochlear maintains profit growth and massive dividend payout ratio.

Hearing implant maker Cochlear (ASX:COH) is demonstrating the benefits of technology leadership by maintaining an annual profit growth rate of around 10% into the future.
Chairman Rick Holliday-Smith told the company’s annual general meeting that the company’s profits would rise next year in the 8-12% range.
Cochlear’s profit of $246 million last year was up 10%, a figure the company has consistently met.
Shareholders, who in Australia are often loathe to support manufacturers, have benefited – Cochlear (ASX:COH) pays out 70% of profits to shareholders, and shares are now worth $187 each.
“Through disciplined investment, we are targeting to maintain the net profit margin, reinvesting any efficiency gains, currency or tax benefits into market growth activities,” he said.
Cochlear is constructing a new factory in China and investing in a new, fully-implantable device.
Cochlear’s future continue’s to be bright, with only 5% of the global market being accessed by implant manufacturers. It has implanted 500,000 devices. hashtag#medtech hashtag#aumanufacturing hashtag#manufacturing
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Photo: Cochlear.

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