Cochlear ups investment in sleep device

Hearing implant group Cochlear has increased its investment in a start-up business developing a device to combat obstructive sleep apnea.

Apnea, a market dominated by Cochlear’s Australian rival ResMed, has attracted a number of competing devices with healthcare company Nyxoah pursuing a novel approach.

The company’s device (pictured) stimulates the tongue nerve during sleep, triggering the nerve to contract the tongue.

A minimally invasive surgical procedure to implant a neurostimulator is part of the treatment.

Cochlear first invested 13 million Euros in Nyxoah in 2018 which has been revalued at $35.8 million.

Now the Sydney company has invested a further $13 million as part of a much larger round of funding.

Cochlear made the investments through its innovation fund.

Picture: Nyxoah

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