Cold Logic to build refrigeration for Hunter frigates


Australian refrigeration company Cold Logic has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to construct and install cold and cool rooms for the first batch of three Hunter class frigates being built in Adelaide.

Cold Logic has expertise in delivering bespoke refrigeration and climate control system solutions for large scale food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical, and cold storage industries and now the defence sector. The company is about to celebrate its 40th year in business.

The contract includes the construction of a refrigerated storeroom, which includes a cold room, cool room, refrigerated airlock and dairy room, and refrigeration machinery.

Cold Logic will partner with UK company Ernest West & Beynon (EWB) which supplied into the UK Type 26 frigate construction programme – the reference design for the Hunter class frigates.

Founder and Director of Cold Logic Jeff Cannan said the company established a dedicated defence division in 2017 following successful projects to upgrade and sustain the Collins Class Submarine Platform’s provision refrigeration systems.

Cannan said: “With the award of the Hunter Class Frigate Program to BAE Systems Australia, we sought out EWB to establish a partnership that would bring the existing and reliable provision refrigeration system onboard the UK Type 26 frigate to Australia without re-inventing the wheel and saving significant expenditure on the package.

“Through early involvement in the project and partnership, Cold Logic and BAE Systems Australia are able to leverage the skills and expertise that already exist in Australia and are able to make use of our sovereign supply chain.

“Much of our business success has been built on trusted partnerships and we are very much looking forward to seeing the first system built and installed and going to sea on the first ship.”

BAE Systems Australia said it had been working closely with the Commonwealth to maximise Australian content on the Hunter class and was tracking ‘well above’ the minimum Australian Contract Expenditure for the design and productionisation phase of the build, taking place at the Osborne Naval Shipyard.

Managing Director of BAE Systems Australia – Maritime Craig Lockhart said the two companies working together would deliver a world-class product for a world-class ship.

Lockhard said: “We are committed to working together with the Commonwealth to support Australian businesses in order for them to grow their own capability, and our Australian Contract Expenditure reflects this.

“The Hunter program is more than just building one class of ship – it is about creating and growing an enduring industry here in Australia, which will allow us to build and sustain our own warships for generations to come.”

Picture: Craig Lockhart and Jeff Cannan

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