Collaborating “an absolute necessity” for defence manufacturers, says JSF supplier

Karen Stanton of Heat Treatment Australia writes in Defence Connect about a shift towards greater collaboration among defence manufacturers. HTA developed vacuum brazing technology for JSF parts and has won more and more defence work in the years since. According to Stanton, more companies are beginning to understand that partnering with others can be mutually beneficial.

“With the concept of collaboration also comes some other substantial benefits. Idea generation, innovation, technology transfer and reduced risk. When businesses collaborate to solve a problem, to target a specific tender or to develop a new product we see great ideas evolve. The process of generating ideas, innovating to produce prototypes, then the sharing of technology has substantial benefits for all collaborative partners. Overarching all of these concepts is the idea of sharing risk. Reducing reliance on individual partners of a supply chain reduces financial exposure and risk and improves the business case.”

Transformation of the Australian Defence Industry from Competition to Collaboration

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