Compumedics to bring manufacturing of wearables to Australia, hire 33

ASX-listed medtech company Compumedics will reshore production of its Somfit device after a decade, leading to 33 new jobs, according to the Victorian government.

The short statement released on Wednesday mentions an unspecified level of support from the state government to help install “a series of automated production lines” at Compumedics’ Abbotsford headquarters.

Somfit is a cloud-based remote monitoring system, with devices worn on the forehead, chest and wrist, collecting patients’ physiological data. It is mainly used to help medical professionals diagnose sleep disorders.

It gives “hospitals and health facilities the ability to remotely monitor patients with medical conditions including non-hospitalised COVID-19, mental health disorders and occupational health needs at home – freeing up public hospital beds and health professionals’ time,” according to the release.

Bringing production to Australia would represent the country’s first volume production of wearable, medical-grade technology in the nation, according to the release, and result in an estimated $60 million in exports over the next five years.

A total of 33 new jobs in engineering, design and ICT would result. 

Compumedics was established in 1987 and specialises in diagnostics for sleep, brain and blood flow applications.

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