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Covid effects on the workforce on the rise – study

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Days taken off work by employees for mental health reasons have jumped 19 per cent in the past three years as the covid pandemic continues to take its toll on workplaces, according to a new study.

The research by leading Workers’ Compensation insurer, Allianz Australia also found that 42 per cent of surveyed employees and more than half of surveyed managers – 57 per cent – believe they are yet to experience the most significant impacts of the pandemic on the workforce.

The study reveals surveyed employees currently have a wide range of concerns that are negatively impacting their job satisfaction.

Fatigue and burnout were being felt by 42 per cent of employees, staff shortages due to low levels of talent acquisition by 34 per cent, and not being adequately rewarded for work – 31 per cent – were the most reported factors.

Managers surveyed believe worries around physical health, fatigue and burnout, staff shortages due to low levels of talent acquisition and limited opportunities to connect with the team in person were causing employee dissatisfaction.

An Allianz Australia general manager Julie Mitchell said: “Despite emerging from the depths of the pandemic, the disruption to workplaces has not subsided.

“Employees have emerged with refreshed values and a change in how they are approaching work, prompting the emergence of concepts like ‘the right to disconnect’, ‘loud leaving’, ‘quiet quitting’, and ‘acting your wage’.

“These trends are all real-world examples of The Workplace Wave, and organisations unequipped to effectively respond are likely to experience the full effects – being increased employee turnover, employee disengagement, and in some instances, a mental health workers compensation claim.”

“However despite concerns from both managers and employees, more than 53 per cent of managers surveyed believe their company has gone above and beyond to provide support and systems to create mentally healthy workplaces.”

Picture: National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)

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