CSIRO announces five-year Responsible Innovation Initiative

CSIRO, University of Queensland, Australian National University and Charles Darwin University have announced a partnership on a five-year, $5.75 million Responsible Innovation Initiative, aimed at addressing challenges presented by scientific and technological change.
Citing “synthetic biology, robotics, precision health, hydrogen and artificial intelligence” and other fields, the announcement says five postdoctorate fellows will aim to better understand the consequences of progress in these potentially high-impact fields.
“Responsible Innovation asks us about the kind of future we want to create and determines how we are going to achieve it, while ensuring we design and deliver socially-responsible science and technology for all Australians,” said CSIRO Responsible Innovation Initiative Research Director Dr Justine Lacey.
The initiative is aligned with CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms,
“We recognise that future science and technology provide significant opportunities to benefit our lives, but these are not without their own set of ethical, social and regulatory challenges,” added Lacey.
Picture: iStockphoto

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