CSIRO launches Mixed Reality Lab in Melbourne

CSIRO has announced the launch of a new Mixed Reality Lab to apply “digital twin” techniques.

A release from the organisation’s Data61 division said that the Melbourne laboratory came with industrial and consumer optical cameras and sensors and sophisticated software that could digitise and represent a physical object within minutes.
Senior software engineer at Data61, Matt Bolger, said the technology had great relevance for manufacturing and other industries., and combined  research expertise across machine learning, computer vision, computational modelling, IoT, and the in-house Stereo Depth Fusion technique for depth estimation.

“By comparing a digital twin of a manufactured object against the original design, we can quickly, accurately and cost-effectively identify defects and map entire manufacturing processes across a global supply chain,” Bolger said in a statement.

“Defective components can be identified in real-time and corrected, while downstream processes can be adjusted to minimise the impact of delays.”

Data61’s Dr Simon Barry said the lab represented, “The future of smart factories, where the digitalisation of the full value chain will enable real-time situational awareness and lead to better decision making and planning.”

Picture: CSIRO

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