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CSIRO report considers potential of manufacturing with CO2 in the NT

Manufacturing News

CSIRO has released a new report examining the prospects of carbon dioxide utilisation in the Northern Territory, which will help inform the business case for a proposed Northern Territory Low Emission Hub (NTLEH.)

The Opportunities for CO2 Utilisation in the Northern Territory report has been delivered to the territory government and stakeholders, CSIRO said in a statement on Wednesday. It is available to read here.

CO2 utilisation captures the gas from industrial processes or the atmosphere for use in manufacture.

According to a statement from the CSIRO, techno-economic analysis found “CO2-derived products are currently more expensive than their conventionally-produced equivalents” though all have “significant cost-reduction potential due to technological improvements, feedstock affordability, and economies of scale.”

The report noted current strengths including the territory’s liquefied natural gas industry, export links with the Asia-Pacific region and high renewable electricity potential, noting the potential of “hard-to-abate” industries such as the aviation sector.

CSIRO Research Group Leader – Geochemistry, Geosystems, Geodata, Dr Andrew Ross said carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) was one among a number of critical pathways towards a goal of net zero by 2050 in the NT.

Ross said, “The proposed NT Low Emissions Hub could reduce existing emissions significantly by supporting the creation of new net-zero industries to continue beyond the energy transition.

“We identified five CO2 utilisation opportunities that could enable low-emission manufacturing and generate value for the NT’s economy: methanol, jet fuel, urea, methane and mineral carbonates.”

Picture: CSIRO

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