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CSIRO, Standards Australia release new tool for understanding standards on hydrogen projects

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CSIRO and Standards Australia have launched HyStandards, an interactive tool designed to provide the relevant Australian and international standards for hydrogen projects to industry users.  

CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission leader, Dr Patrick Hartley, said HyStandards allowed users to choose from five different scenarios which then display a list of applicable standards. 

The scenarios are electrolyser hydrogen production, gaseous hydrogen transport by road, hydrogen transport by pipeline, blended hydrogen transport by pipeline, and hydrogen refuelling

The tool will help the hydrogen industry navigate regulations and standards for new builds, Hartley said.

“For example, when we were building our hydrogen refuelling station, an important step in the acceptance and hand over from the developer was to assure ourselves that the technology complies with relevant regulations and standards, added Hartley in a statement on Thursday.

“Having a resource like HyStandards would have helped us to quickly identify which standards were relevant.

“With the interest in using hydrogen to decarbonise the energy, mining and manufacturing sectors, we often hear questions from industry about standards. This collaboration with Standards Australia makes relevant standards easier to find.” 

Standards Australia’s General Manager of Engagement and Communications, Adam Stingemore, said that hydrogen is a major focus area for his organisation, and that  they continue “to champion the need for hydrogen standards development” for consistent and safe working practices.

“This tool will be paramount to ensuring the industry can develop and operate safely and sustainably,” Stingemore said. 

The tool’s development was overseen by a steering committee of industry and government members, and is part of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. It can be accessed here.

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