CSL shrugs off coronavirus hit

Biotechnology giant CSL is experiencing some disruption due to the coronavirus as well as deploying its capabilities in the fight against the disease according to a market update.

The Melbourne company told investors that expertise in three areas was being deployed to support the global response to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Immunological science, vaccinology and protein therapeutics manufacturing and research staff are involved along with academic collaborators, including at the University of Queensland.

The company is providing additional doses of its southern hemisphere influenza vaccine.

Doctors and pharmacists have been swamped with patients seeking the vaccine earl;y in the season, with many running out of stocks and others booked solid with patients.

The company is also experiencing elevated demand for Immunoglobulin (IVIG) products derived from blood plasma collected at public centres (pictured).

These are life saving and life extending and include CSL Behring’s human albumin and blood products designed for haemophiliacs, and products to treat hepatitis B and tetanus.

However there are currently no stock-outs.

The company’s facilities in Wuhan, the epicentre of the global pandemic, have re-opened and air transport is being used to import supplies, rather than by sea.

CSL’s facilities are regarded as critical infrastructure facilities and continue operating in most locations.

The company adjusted its profit guidance for the year down $70 million to $2.17 billion.

Picture: CSL Plasma

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