Cyborg Dynamics and partners un-man ground vehicles

Cyborg Dynamics Engineering and BIA5 Pty Ltd have unveiled a truly Australian developed and produced Unmannned Ground Vehicle (UGV) (pictured).

The pair, the recipients of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability priority grant have just completed 12 months of detailed design and development.

Cyborg took to social media to announce: “This is TRUE sovereign capability to protect and enhance our warfighters.

“(In this) knowledge is produced, exploited and delivered within Australia to enable high tech manufacturing.”

The companies began with a ground platform purchased by NASA. added locally developed and produced equipment, and linked it to autonomous control systems, also local.

The companies involved in the effort are:

  • BIA5 Pty Ltd ATR for the base platform
  • Electro Optic Systems for the Remote Weapon Station
  • Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) for the machine gimbal
  • Skyborne Technologies Havoc for their 40mm round selectable launcher
  • Cyborg Dynamics User Interface and navigation kit
  • Cyborg and Skyborne Athena AI target evaluation
  • Craig Ballistics plate protection
  • And Kilner’s Engineering advanced fabrication

A number of universities and research institutions also supported the effort.

Founded by the 2017 Australian Young Engineer of the Year Stephen Bornstein, Cyborg Dynamics is a specialist in delivering high tech projects in simulation, robotics, defence and unmanned systems.

Picture: Cyborg Dynamics Engineering

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