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Defence companies outperform in workforce gender pay gap

Analysis and Commentary

A study just released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency of gender pay gaps in companies found that women in the workforce are still badly treated, in fact very badly treated.

The median gender pay gap in 5,000 companies studied on a base salary measure was found to be 14.5 per cent, while on a total remuneration level the gap was wider at 19 per cent. More than half paid women nine percent less than men.

However Australia’s largest defence companies outperform this median according to figures posted on social media by Jessica Ciccozzi (pictured below), a Defence Industry Executive HR Consultant.

Ciccozzi analysed the 30 largest defence contractors according to Australian Defence Magazine, and found their gender policies likely gave them a real competitive advantage in attracting female and industry talent.

The median base salary gap for employees of the largest contractors were BAE Systems Australia at 3.5 percent, ASC at 3.6, Boeing Defence Australia at 6.8, Thales at 8.6 and Raytheon at 8.8 percent.

However around half of the ADM Top 30 had gender pay gaps exceeding 10 percent.

Ciccozzi’s tips for companies that want to narrow the gap are:

  • First and foremost a Gender Strategy and Gender Pay Gap Plan (including how to close the gap) is essential
  • As employees are no doubt doing their own research, transparent employee communications and consultation is critical – acknowledge the results, advise on the plan and invite employees to contribute to the solution
  • And make an external statement – its just as important to tell the market what your results are, the progress you have made and what you are focused on.

Ciccozzi said: “If your results aren’t where they need to be, its even more important to communicate openly and transparently.

“Absence of communications gives talent and the market an opportunity to rightly or wrongly decide your narrative.”

Picture: Defence SA/Jessica Ciccozzi

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